For Those Who are Weary in Waiting

Weariness creeps up on us unawares – sort of like the flu. One minute we’re fine, the next we feel like death swarmed over us.

I finished speaking at a singles event last week when a woman with kind eyes came up to me.


What you can do about the Syrian refugee crisis

Does your brain ever go numb because of the size of the problem you’re facing?

Mine does.

And when it does, I’m tempted to mentally check out – to catch up on my ever growing Netflix queue instead since that is a massive problem I know I can manage.


A Possible Cure for Negativity

Have you ever met a sick doctor?

Trust me. You don’t want to.

In the last 2 weeks I’d diagnosed myself with 17 different diseases and come up with a few still unnamed ones to explain my symptoms.