How to Influence People Deeply

There is something awesome that happens in my soul when someone prays for me.

My friend Bob calls to invite me to something.

He stops himself early in the conversation and asks what I should expect him to ask by now: “How can I pray for you, Lina?”

And then He does. He prays out loud for me.  He speaks to the God of the universe, the God who spoke this world into existence, the God who is able to move mountains on my behalf. Bob speaks to Him as a man speaks to his friend.

He prays for me and my soul is moved.

My friend Heidi texts me to remind me: “I’m praying for you right now.”

Later in the week, she calls me, typically a day or so before my speaking engagements, and she prays for me. She prays that God would humble me, use me, and do whatever it takes to glorify His name. She prays for me in the waiting, she prays for me to become more like Jesus, she prays that I keep away from sin.

She prays for me and my soul is moved.

I run into Joy at church. This woman is a gift in God’s family. With tears in her eyes she tells me she is praying for me. She chokes up when she says it, and I know she means it. She prays for my ministry. She prays for anointing. She prays for endurance.

She prays for me and I can feel the heavens move on my behalf.

She prays for me and my soul is stirred.

I can’t comprehend this gift that God has given us. 

I’m not just talking about prayer.

I mean, we all get that prayer works. We don’t need to be convinced of the importance of prayer. We understand it intellectually. We’ve felt God’s peace and seen his answers when we finally settle down enough to pray. And most of us, if we’re being honest would admit that prayer is the first thing to go in our over committed busy lives.

That we can pray is a gift underused and underestimated.

But I’m talking about an even bigger gift.

I’m talking about the gift of praying in community.

Jesus once said in Matthew 18:19-20 “if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

Are you lacking anything today?

Are you facing a mountain you can’t overcome?

Are you worried, afraid, tired, weary, overcommitted or pressed down?

Or do you know someone who is?

You don’t need a crowd.

You don’t need a quorum.

You just need a friend, a moment, and the willingness to humbly step out in faith and ask.

Will you do it?

Will you call someone today and pray for them?

When you do that, I guarantee you, something awesome will happen deep in their souls. And perhaps even in yours.

Can’t think of anyone to pray with? Shoot me an email with your phone number. I’d be honored to be that one. (

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5 thoughts on “How to Influence People Deeply

  1. Zan

    This is so good and such a reminder about the importance of prayer and community. Thank you for sharing biblical truths to help empower our lives!


  2. Anthony Schubert

    So generous. But yes how we all desperately need that, no wonder how it shows in the offer. Lina, you rock! Praying for you right now-keep it up!


  3. Rose jensen

    Thank you Lina, prayers. Plz pray for my daughter, (your friend also) April jensen Ball, she has gone into the hospital for testing, pray they can find a way to get her seizures under control. Pray for complete healing, God bless you!!!!! Thanks, Rose.


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