Two words that will Kill you

There are 2 words that will kill you if you let them:

What’s new.

As in: “What’s new?”

You know those words?

Have you heard them before?

Someone asks them innocuously, but they will kill you, I mean, literally kill you if you let them. I mean like take a nail and twist it slowly in your eye ball kill you.

I hate those words with a passion.

What’s new, you ask?

I’ll tell you what’s new.


Nothing is new.

Not one single thing.

That’s what’s new.

Almost every time someone asks me this 2 word question, an avalanche of discontent is unleashed.

What’s new, you want to know?

No, I’m not pregnant. And no I’m still not dating anyone. And no, I didn’t buy a new house or a new dog. I don’t have a vacation planned and I’m not getting a raise anytime soon. And no, there are no new book deals on my deck.

So, what’s new, you ask?

I’ll tell you exactly what’s new.

I’m 14 days behind on my Bible reading plan. And I’m back to eating healthy again this month – which is new. But I still I hate it – and that’s not new.

See what I mean? Two simple words but they’ll kill you if you let them.

The reality is that most of life is the same with a few fluctuations over time. We live in the same houses and eat the same foods and go to work at the same places.

It can get monotonous.

Everyone else’s life can sound so much more exciting than mine.

It’s why we check our Facebook at least 14 times a day. It’s why Netflix is so huge now and why we thrive on controversial news stories.

But when you stop and think of it, monotonous can be a welcome reprieve if you’re the parent of a child with a headache who was just diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Monotonous is a gift for a Syrian family who now finds themselves displaced without home.

Monotonous is also a gentle reminder that our God never changes.

That his love is the same yesterday today and forever

and that His mercies – thank God – His mercies, they are new every morning.

So what’s new, you ask?

Go ahead. Leave a comment and tell me. I got all day to listen.

And that, my friend – now that’s new.

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19 thoughts on “Two words that will Kill you

  1. Andy

    I’ve always found that what’s new is directly proportional to what I’ve paid attention to but I’m pretty forgetful at times so I can dealing with new stuff constantly. It’s exhausting. Life comes at you fast.


  2. Zan

    I’m lerning that item it’s good not to have anything new and as you point out, huge reminder for need for contentment. Thank you for pointing us back to His mercies.


  3. Vicki

    Not to over-spiritualized it but Lamentations tells us that God’s mercies are “new every morning”…..can’t do anything but praise Him for that!


  4. John Hulu

    I am learning that you have to want it in order to get it. Work never stops, the question is how will we react to it and control it. Thank you Lina!!


  5. musicianfromtexas

    Love your thoughts on contentment. I think it is one of the most powerful weapons in our spiritual warfare arsenal. So looking forward to your visit, and if barbeque isn’t on the healthy eating list, we can adjust. You and your needs are at the top of our list. Our ladies have been praying for POWER, so I know there will be something NEW happening today with Him.


  6. Leila Abu jamra

    God’s mercy is new every morning and that is enough. Our sin, our pride, our lack of repentance need to know this is new every morning. Thank you God for Your faithfulness.


  7. Daria Ruffolo

    I am thankful for the monotony and for God’s calming steadfastness. My work reveals daily the chaos and horror this world can bring. Be satisfied …be content with the daily order our God provides.


  8. Barbara Winkelman

    I wrench over those two words because I immediately scramble to think of something impressive or words to cover up the fact that my life is mostly mundane with occasional noteworthy occurrences to intrigue the listener! The world thrives on “new” because life for them is intolerable without it. Boring. Meaningless. But not so for believers who are pleasing God in the everyday with a song in their hearts despite the “same old same old.” I need not search for more if my walk with Jesus is aflame. Too bad nobody can see that inside me is being renewed day by day😊


  9. Ashley

    I absolutely hate this “question”! I’m so glad I’m not the only one. It makes me feel like I have to impress or entertain the person who asked it. I appreciate your insight to monotony. Thank you for sharing!


  10. Liz

    I used to hate the question because I was stuck in a rut. Now that I have taken the risk of making much needed changes, I don’t fear it so much. I’m so busy navigating my life, I look forward to peaceful days when I can sleep eight hours straight. Friends think I’m silly to complain about things when they feel trapped by circumstance in their situations. Stepping out of the monotonous can serve as inspiration for others to achieve their dreams. Even if one takes relatively few risks in life, the ones that count can make a huge difference for everyone around them.


  11. Diana

    Oh Lina…your mind is so creative. I just had that question thrown at me by my son last night, but I never would have thought about writing about it in a blog. That dreaded phrase actually makes for interesting banter. What isn’t new in my life is that my husband is talking to me; that he is respectful, communicative and loving. No…those things are still old and wearing on my soul. But, what is new is that my son and I were actually sitting at a table together discussing his dreams amidst a sea of broken family relationships and dysfunctional characters. To have him ask me “what’s new?” was truly a gift from God. Thank you for your blog today. It reminded me not to take even those small annoying questions for granted, because they can mean so much more. God bless your day!


  12. Becky

    I delight in small things. I’m newly divorced and know it’s hard for those never married to hear but be glad for the peace. I got out and survived and delight in each day of peace. Monotony isn’t in my vocabulary it’s peace. Used to be walking on egg shells, avoiding rage, occasionally hiding in house so not to hear the rants but now….peace! I love it! I work, come home, pay bills, more bills, miss my kids but there is peace and I’m sooo thankful!


  13. Debbie Henley

    Your thoughts are completely “new” to me, Lina, never considered this a problem. I think this is good discussion for my small group. Thanks, but you made me chuckle too!


  14. Hannah

    I so needed the reminder that it’s okay if I don’t have anything new going on. Thank you Lina for the insight! I tend to think that life is supposed to always be filled with amazing adventures. Some days it’s harder than others to be content with the day in and day out stuff. Jesus keeps reminding me to thank Him for my singleness. It’s hard, but absolutely vital if I’m going to stay focused on what’s really important.


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