Christians and politics


Some love it.

Some love to hate it.

What would you do if I told you Jesus modeled an approach to politics that we need to embrace?

This week has been a crazy week in politics. No matter what your opinions are on what’s happening in our great country, you might want to listen to this podcast I recorded on Christians and politics.


Got an opinion on this podcast? I would love to hear it. Leave a comment or send me an email at

Oh, and I almost forgot: I’m in Lebanon this week. You can follow my medical mission trip to the Syrian refugees via Instagram and Facebook.

5 thoughts on “Christians and politics

  1. Irina Schiau

    Lina, this podcast is amazing! The points you made are right on target! Great perspectives that I wanna apply to my life! I think the only way to see true change is to see changed hearts – that was Jesus’ approach… So I loved what you said about changed hearts over changed policies, and loving people over systems! I think the situation in the world should makes us long even more for God’s kingdom to fully come and his perfect will to be done on earth as in heaven. We have a powerful hope for the future that the world needs to hear about… Thanks for doing this podcast!!!


  2. Pam W.

    I, too, took some things that you said that I want to be sure and apply to my life. But there were other points that I’m not sure I agree with. Jesus didn’t get into political debates, but I’m not sure that means we should not. Jesus focused on His mission. What if God has given some of us a mission to keep Godly principals in our government? And what if there were no Christian inputs in the political arena? I like a good discussion. If I can discuss with an open mind, ask questions, point out some facts that have been overlooked, keep my cool, and then bow out if the conversation takes a turn for the worse, aren’t I modeling Christlikeness to a world that might not otherwise know any Christian witness? There is a widely held opinion in this world that Christians are uninformed, stupid, and do not think for themselves. They (or should I say that opinion of people) are repulsive to ungodly people. But what if in my discussion with those misguided people I can show them just the opposite? They might be more willing to hear what Christianity is all about. I feel that the political arena is a world that needs a witness for the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ.


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