I have a problem and I need ur help.


It’s the 2nd day of the year and I already have a problem. 

Go figure.

The good news is that you can help me solve. 

Yup. You.

My problem is that I feel out of touch with you.

I don’t know who you are anymore. 

I don’t know what you need anymore.

There you have it.

I can’t tell if it’s because I’ve limited my social media time, or because I don’t work at a church anymore, or because I’m just old and curmudgeony. And single.

But I’m done living in denial.

And now I need your help.

Will you do it?

Here’s what I’m asking:

Email lina@livingwithpower.org or fill out the contact section on my site, or leave a comment below if you’re bold enough and answer these questions:

  • What is the biggest problem you’re facing right now?
  • What is your biggest disappointment in life?
  • What would you change about your life right now if you could?
  • Your: age, sex, job, religion, marital status, anything else you want me to know about you like your hobbies, your sexual orientation, your dream in this life.

That’s it.

Answer one or all.

Answer anonymously or openly.

Answer today or tomorrow. (But don’t wait until next year!)

Your emails will come directly to me. No one else will be reading your answers.

Will you do it?

Will you help me?

17 thoughts on “I have a problem and I need ur help.

  1. Judy Decker

    Lina, I knew you from Harvest Bible Chapel, women’s ministry. I loved hearing you teach, you are so gifted by The Lord.


  2. musicianfromtexas

    My biggest problem/challenge is living out this mission every day.

    My Mission:
    Daily linger in God’s Word & presence to expand my faith; intercede for others; &invest the resources, experiences, opportunities & skills entrusted to me to make “more.”


  3. Leila Abu jamra

    I miss your blogs and look for them. My biggest problem is dealing with an aging body.
    I find God’s grace is needed every day.


  4. JANIS Cole

    I’d like to change my attitude towards GOD. I love Him with all my heart and soul but at times I loose all sense of what and who He is to me. I think I am asking for help to change my heart. I knew you from Harvest Bible Chapel when you lead the Women’s Ministry.


  5. Gina

    Knew you from Harvest. Moving forward with the loss of our mother. They say 1st year is hard. Crying hasn’t stopped. Love and memories contine. We continue to love our mom and carry her in our hearts. Miss hear voice and hugs and her saying make me laugh . We miss you too Dr.A 🙂


  6. Sue

    I have always loved your posts and teaching, especially in person because you are powerful and funny and full of God! My biggest problem is worrying about my grown daughters and their heart issues.


  7. Dawn

    Hi Lina! Winter has a way of making everyone feel disconnected..sorry you feel out of touch. Looks like many of us don’t feel out of touch with you and I for one certainly enjoy your witty blogs and candid thoughts that lean so strongly on God’s Word. To answer a few Q’s: I am loving my 40’s – rich friendships, great opportunities, sense of freedom and protection. Challenges: Being a single and challenges with an autistic teenage son.


  8. Marianne Shovan

    Interesting! I look to your blog to help me understand issues facing single woman. That doesn’t mean your blogs don’t speak to me because God’s principles apply to all problems. But I’m not looking for you to help me with issues faced by my adult children, grandchildren or issues with my spouse. I have other sources for that. I look to you because you ARE of a single woman…not in spite of it. Being a curmudgeon only adds interest to your opinions (Halloween!!). And don’t say you’re old cuz I’ve got more than a decade up on you which would make me …what? Near dead? LOL


  9. Nathalie Knox

    I knew you from Harvest Bible Chapel – RM women’s ministry. Sad that you are no longer there and miss you. Your teachings are powerful.

    I love our Lord with all my heart, soul and mind, but admit to losing site of my relationship with Him.

    I desire increased enthusiasm to biblical studies and walking with the Lord.

    Removal of anger, frustrations and bitterness towards those you have wronged me. Improvement in my ability to forgive.

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  10. Connie S. Schwyn

    My heart’s desire is a fuller and closer relationship with God. Not demonstrating my love for my Grandmother after I graduated from high school and went away to college. She in reality was the “mother” figure in my life. Thank you for you knowledge of God’s word that you share!!


  11. Someone who cares about people

    If someone is gay but has god in their heart, why do some at our churches bash,judge. God tellsus not to judge but love eachother. Respect eachother.
    But some see that being way out of God’s box. Truth is God is in our hearts. If someone decides hey I don’t want them around me. I would say back your loss. To many judge without knowing who someone truly is.What if your child said mom/dad I’m gay. Would you seriously stop loving your child and teach them how to build walls up because someone is different? Handicapped as well


  12. Dana

    Lina, something hilarious just happened… I sent you a long outpouring of my soul kinda email for this help me feedback …under ‘contact ‘ at your website and it keeps saying ‘failed to send message’! Did I just break your website by writing to long a saga? 😆 Any advice? Thank you!


  13. David

    What is the biggest problem you’re facing right now? Lonely and unmotivated
    What is your biggest disappointment in life? Becoming a widower
    What would you change about your life right now if you could? I think I’d like to be retired and train to be a ministry helper perhaps in Israel.
    Your: age, sex, job, religion, marital status, anything else you want me to know about you like your hobbies, your sexual orientation, your dream in this life .I’m 65, male, truck driver, widower, no hobbies, love Jesus, Sunday is my favorite day of the week. Attend Church and Sunday School at the same Church for about 35 years. I’ve lost lots of friends in that time but I need to lay up more treasures in Heaven and take more people with me.


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